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24 April 2017

10 Of My Favourite Mother's Day Ideas!

Mother's Day is fast approaching and it is time to start rolling through Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to find the PERFECT ideas for cards, posters, pictures and handmade gifts! I have done the hard yards for you and found my TOP 10 favourite ideas I have fallen in LOVE with for Mother's Day for Foundation!

1. Top Teacher - Mother's Day Pamper Afternoon Tea

This idea has been floating around Social Media and it is on the top of my wish list for Mother's Day! I think it is a really great way to build relationships with the families, especially the mums, in your class. Top Teacher have you all covered with cards and posters for all your treats and pamper stations. 

Access these Resources here - Top Teacher.

P.S. If you are not a member of Top Teacher, I highly recommend it joining. It is jam packed with awesome resources!

2. TCHR Two Point 0 - Mother's Day Gift Blowing Kisses 

This idea is super cute and I love that you can set it up, frame each kid's photo and you have a beautiful keepsake ready to go! 

TCHR Two Point 0 has included step-by-step instructions on how to set up this photo. Find it here on Teacher Pay Teachers for FREE!

3. Primarily Speaking - Mother's Day Directed Drawing 

I just LOVE how bright and colourful these drawing are! Read more about this fabulous art work idea for Mother's Day over at Primarily Speaking!

4. Soaring Through Second - I love you because.... 

Seriously how adorable is this activity! I think it would be so entertaining to hear the reasons why my kids love their Mums so much! For Mother's Day one year my cousin gave my Nan a card that read "I love you because you make me Weetbixs" For years it was proudly displayed on my Nan's fridge! 
I think this is a really heartwarming and powerful activity! Read more about ot over at Soaring Through Second here!

For starters this is a FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers! YAY! And it is soooo cute - I love it! 

6. Adventures in Kindergarten - Handprint Painting

If you set this up correctly, this would be a simple and effective gift for Mums for Mother's Day 

We made very similar potted potted plants last year for Mother's Day and they were a BIG hit with the mums! They were so simple to make, and it was so sweet watching each of my kids pick out the special seeds for their mum's pot.

8. Meaningful Mama - Salt Dough Flower Fingerprints 

What a simple and beautiful idea for a Mother's Day from Meaningful Mama! Salt dough is so easy to make and I love that students are following a recipe and engaged in every step of making their gifts! Find step-by-step instructions and the recipe over on Meaningful Mama!

Okay... confession.. the last two Mother's Day activities are my own and they are available on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

9. Miss Tess' Classroom - Mother's Day Lapbook/Card 

This card is an all in one gift for Mother's day and is best completed over the week leading up to Mother's Day! It includes sections for students to write and draw about- 

- I love my Mum more than... 
- My Mum laughs when..
- My Mum's favourite things... 
- My Mum is the best at...
- Thank you Mum for helping me...

It also includes a section for students to record their Mum's name, draw a picture of their mum and complete a finger print flower to let their Mum know that 'If Mums were flowers I'd pick you' 

You can pick and choose the sections that you decide to use. Maybe choosing of the above art works to be the front cover! 

Versions include Mum, Nan, Grandma and Mom (Australian and American spelling).

Purchase your copy here!

10. Miss Tess' Classroom - A3 Poster 

This a brand new product in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and I am really excited to make them with my kids this year! I am going to print on A3, trim the edges, stick on card and laminate! I am positive that they will look FABULOUS and that the Mums will be in love! 
Versions include Mum, Nan, Grandma and Mom (Australian and American spelling). 

Purchase you copy here!

Hopefully these ideas help you plan your Mother's Day activities leading up to Mother's Day on the 14 May! 

If you are still looking some ideas have a look at my Mother's Day Pinterest Board! Click here!

For all the Mums out their - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! 

Happy planning, 

11 April 2017

Slime! Messy Play Fun!

Who doesn't love messy play?! 
I love it and my kids beg for it! 
There are so many opportunities for learning when you incorporate messy play into your classroom curriculum! 
In this blog post I am going to share my experiences with making slime in the classroom for messy play. 
I decided to make slime with my class as part of St Patrick's Day celebrations. We are a Catholic Primary School, so we had learnt a lot about who St Patrick was and why he is special, so the slime was a fun activity! 
We started by listing our ingredients and equipment on the board. This was a great way to introduce procedural texts and we had a great discussion about recipes and what we need to know to make something.

I made the slime in a really large container, because I wanted to use it for messy play so we needed loads of room! 

Making slime is the easiest thing in the world and thanks to Sarah-Jane at the Polka Dot Apple I was even able to add a little spin to one we made! 
All you need is cornflour, food dye, water AND fabric softener. We used greed food dye colour and green apple fabric softener! How much of each thing you need depends on how much slime you want to make! I used four packets of cornflour so we made loads of slime! 
I added the cornflour to container and let the kids feel it. Cornflour has a unique feel to it. Next I added the fabric softener, I used a small tube from the supermarket. I then added a little water with the food dye mixed in. BUT only add a little of the water at a time, you can always add more water, you can't take back the water! 
We were sitting in a circle and all had a go at stirring the mixture! The kids loved this, remember it's only powerful learning if they are involved!

After it had all been mixed up the messy play could begin! I had some cooking props I was going to add, however we didn't end up needing them! The kids just loved running their hands through the slime, letting it drip back down and squishing it in their hands! Added bonus was the amazing smell that was flowing through the room thanks to the fabric softener!!

If you are thinking of doing messy play in your classroom, just remember that it is messy - so protect your clothes and the floor!!

And of course after we finished we did some writing about how much it is to play with slime!

Leave me a comment if you do messy play in your classroom!


22 March 2017

Learning About Feelings!

Hello Blogging Friends, 

This week we have been learning all about different emotions and feelings. It has been really insightful and I have been learning even more about my wonderful kids! We have been sharing about what makes us happy, sad, excited, silly, scared, worried and every other emotion under the sun! 

One of the activities we did was make a super cute "My Feelings Book!" This activity is available in my TPT store! (Click on the photo below to purchase your copy!)

We first discussed the word wall cards and added them to our class word wall. We then discussed what makes us feel each emotion - this was done over a few sessions and I added them to our brainstorm posters. 

Using the word wall words, my kids finished the sentence "I feel ... " with an chosen feeling and then drew a picture of what makes them feel that chosen emotion. For example- "I feel happy" and then a picture of me at the beach with my family. See some more examples below! There are four pages that students can complete choosing a different feeling each time. 

Students then coloured in the front cover which included boys and girls displaying different emotions - these matched our word wall word pictures! The clipart used is from Whimsy Clips. 

When we had finished our books we shared them with a friend, I encouraged my kids to explain to their friend what was happening in the picture. 
My kids also took their book home to share with their family!

My kids absolutely loved doing this activity and really enjoyed sharing them with their friend and family!


16 March 2017

Jellyfish Number Craft!

A Super fun and engaging number activity for Foundation (Kindergarten) Review the numbers 1-10
Hi amazing teacher friends, 

Last week I made these super cute jelly fish numbers with my kids and just had to share them everywhere! I love these because they help to consolidate my student's learning of numbers 1 to 10, anddd they also look super cute and brighten up our classroom! 

I originally saw the idea on Pinterest for octopus numbers, I however I wanted to include numbers to 10. 

I printed the bodies and legs on a range of different colours and mixed up the colours for the body and legs for each student. 

My kids used crayons to draw on dots to match each number. However, you could paint, use stickers or bingo blotters to make the dots for each number! 

Click on the picture for the free template from my TPT store! 



13 March 2017

Labour Day Recount Freebie!

Hi Blogging Friends, 

Click on the image to download your copy of the recount template! 

Lots of Love, 

25 February 2017

Happy Birthday Teaching Autism!!

Help celebrate Teaching Autism's birthday and enter to win a $100 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card!

I have teamed up with some FABULOUS educators to bring you a giveaway! 

Click on the Rafflecopter to enter - enter all four so you have plenty of chances to WIN! 

The giveaway will end on the 28th February and winners will be notified by Nikki and Teaching Autism! 


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3 February 2017

Five for Friday - Back to School

A peak at my week with Doodle Bugs Teaching. 

Welcome to Foundation T 2017! 

Wow, what a start to the year! The arrival of a  new school year is always a mixture of emotions; excitement, nervousness and a little sadness because the start of the new school year means no more holidays!! 

I had four days with my new Foundation (Kindergarten) class this week and I have loved every minute of getting to know my new class of kids, each of whom will now forever be refereed to as one 'my kids'!


This year my focus word is PRIORITIES! My aim is to prioritise my life so that I don't get bogged down and end up in the fetal position in my pantry with some type of flu or infection, crying my eyes out and yelling about how I never have any time to see my friends or family because I am always doing school work!!! 

I am going to priorities my commitments and say the dreaded 'n' word when I feel like I am taking on too much! To make this happen I am keeping two diaries this year - one for life and one for lesson planning. 
They are both of course from Erin Condren! 

I am very optimistic and excited to see how this pans out! 

Blogging, blogging, blogging! TPT, TPT, TPT!!

As part of my priorities focus this year I am going to be *trying* to blog and upload TPT products more! Starting from today! 

To stay organised I have purchased and downloaded some planning documents from Stephanie at Teaching Little Leaders!Thank you to Stephanie for breaking down each part of the TPT and blogging business and plans! I have only just started my journey on TPT and my blog, and these  documents will be able help me continue to grow.

This weekend I will be starting to fill out the pages!! 

Thermomix Bliss 

We have just purchased a Thermomix and we are both absolutely LOVING it!! 
Smoothies, perri perri chicken and bliss balls are some of my favourites so far! See below for recipes. 

Green Smoothie
Add 2 x handfuls of spinach, 1 cup of frozen mango, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 cup of almond milk to the bowl. 
Blend -  speed 9 / 30 seconds

We cooked the chicken on the Webber and had a simple salad with yoghurt dressing from The Melbourne Thermo. 

These are the yummiest bliss balls I have every had!! 
I chopped the cashews and peanuts in the thermomix speed 9 / 15 seconds. I then added all the ingredients and put it on stir for speed 3 / 30 seconds.



Finally I would like to share the books that are currently sitting on my bedside table: 
1. 101 Moments of Joy and Inspiration by Meredith Gaston 
2. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (I borrowed this from the school library, it's my comfort read!) 
3. The Lake House by Kate Morton

Thank you to Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting a fabulous Linky Party! 

Much Love,