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16 September 2017

I am a Shape Detective!

Hi Friends, 

It is almost the holidays - YAY! One more week, but who is counting!!

This Term one of our topics for Mathematics was Shape - how fun! 

I wanted to share one of our activities we did throughout the unit. This activity is perfect for Foundation/Prep because it allows for the connection to the real world. A Shape Walk allows students to identify shapes in context, using their new knowledge and understanding of shape properties!

Of course to make the Shape Walk more engaging and fun, we made 'I am a Shape Detective!' crowns! We wore our crowns on our walk around the school, the kids thought they were pretty cool with their crowns! 

When we returned to class we brainstormed the shapes we had found and then each child demonstrated their knowledge by drawing and writing about the shapes they saw on the walk. This allowed for differentiation, as I could extend students thinking by asking them to record the number of sides or corners. 

If you would like to do this fun Shape task in your classroom, then head over to Teachers Pay Teachers Store to purchase the crown and recording sheet!

I have also included in the download, a book that your students can complete using the sentence starter 'I saw a _______________' and draw a picture to match. 

Have a fabulous last week of Term Three!!


20 August 2017

How to Make a Quick Paper Plate Clock!

Hi Friends, 

If you have not signed up to receive Blog updates from me, I strongly encourage you, that way you will never miss out on a free resource. I have another free resource to share with you today! 

This Term we have been learning about Time. We have explored concepts such as days of the week, morning, afternoon and evening and things that take a long or short time. 

We are now moving into looking at formal time and to tune us in, we made a quick and easy paper plate clock! We will be using our clocks for time activities in the following weeks. 

I thought I would share this simple and easy craft that you can easily make in your classroom! All you need for is the template, coloured paper, paper plates and split pins!  

To download the template for the numbers and clock hands click here!

My suggestion is that you photocopy the template pages on to colour paper - no one likes a boring clock! 

Have your students cut out all the numbers and clock hands first. Then instruct your students to paste the 12, 6, 3 and 9 on first. This way you can ensure that the spacing will be correct. When these 4 numbers are in place students can arrange the remaining numbers in-between. 

When all the numbers are in the correct position, your students can decorate their clock. Split pins are a little tricky on the best of days, so I suggest that an adult assists when putting the split pin in. Using a split pin for the clock hands means that the hands can be moved to show different times. 

The finished product may look like this, or it may have the number up the right way! As long as the numbers are in the right place, it can be used for learning activities! I like to ask my kids to show me different times on their clock and then relate that time to an event in the day. Leave me a comment with how you used your paper plate clock in your classroom!

I hope you enjoy making clocks in your classroom and remember to sign up to receive updates so you don't miss anything! 

Have a wonderful week, 

15 August 2017

Escape To Everywhere - Book Week 2017

Hello my Teaching Friends,

If you are like me and just started planning for Book Week - well I have your back! I have been home sick this week and in true teacher spirit, I couldn't just sit around doing nothing - hello resource making in bed!! 

This years theme for CBCA Book Week is 'Escape To Everywhere' which is such beautiful theme. There is noting better than being sucked into a different time, world or even dimension when reading a good book. Books can provide us with an alternative perspective, giving teachers a powerful tool for spreading kindness in their classrooms and therefore school environment. 

At my school this year, we are fortunate to have Serena Geddes and Shaun Tan visit our school. I think I am more excited than the kids!

Photo from The Children's Book Council of Australia website. 


To compliment the other Book Week events we have throughout the week I have made some resources that I can use in the classroom to make sure my kids are having the full Book Week experience! Hopefully you can find something in the following printables that you can use in your classroom!

Just click on the below images to download! 

The following document has been updated with the correct spelling of 'favourite' 

My favourite part of Book Week is dressing up for the Book Week parade - leave me a comment with your best dress up ideas!!

Hope you enjoy your Book Week!

Happy Reading,

11 August 2017

Hanging Out The Washing!

Fine motor and number sequence practice = hello, washing line! 
Your kids will forever be asking you to bring out this activity!

What I love most about this resource, is that there are sooooo many ways to implement in in your classroom! I have used it for whole class warm up, small group instruction and Math group/centre activity!

We made a little washing line to be used to peg the number cards in the correct order. We don't also start at the number 1. Sometime I give a group a range of cards to put in order, other times I peg some of the numbers on the line and have my kids find the missing numbers (before and after).

The cut and paste activities are a great way to differentiate between the class. When I add the activity to our Math group/centre rotation, I change the number range based on the groups ability!
The number range for the cut and paste sheets are:

You can purchase this resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

Please tag me in if you post a photo of your kids having a ball hanging out the washing - I love (and amazes me) to see my resources in other classrooms!


*Some images used in this blog post have come from the classroom of Deana from @deanasclassroom - find her on Instagram! 

5 August 2017

Student Teacher Goodbye and Thank You Gift

Hi Teaching Friends, 

Recently my kids and I were fortunate to have a wonderful student teacher, Miss Kayla, join our class for 3 weeks. Kayla worked really, really hard over the three weeks and I felt privileged to be part of her teaching journey!

My beautiful kids loved the fun, engaging and jam packed lessons she implemented, so it was sad for all of us having to say goodbye! 

I wanted to share part of her farewell gift with you. My teaching heart was so full when I read each of the pages my kids had made for a very special 'Thank you and Goodbye' book. 

Each child was given an opportunity to write and draw about how wonderful Miss Kayla is. I sent the pages home to be completed, meaning families could also be involved in this special project. I laminated each page, made a front cover with our class picture and bound all the pages together! 

*Inspiration from this page came from countless research on Pinterest.

You can download the template for the student pages and front cover by clicking on the picture! 

I also decided to make an It's Worth It Box to place the book inside. This beautiful idea is from Christiana over at Miss DeCarbo. You find your own copy from her blog - HERE!

Thanks for stopping by, 

5 July 2017

Measure Your Teacher's Foot!

Measurement is just so much fun in a Foundation (Kindergarten) classroom! It is hands-on, engaging and full of cross curriculum links! I wanted to share how I introduce the unit in my classroom!

Yes, you will get loads of comments about how stinky your foot is, how big your foot is and maybe even a comment about the shape your toes!! 
I gave each of my kids an outline of my foot (not really my foot, but hey they don't really need to know that! You can download the foot I used from HERE). Students then used different materials- unifix blocks, paper clips, counters, teddies, crayons and anything else they could find to measure my foot. I also asked them to record a measurement on their recording sheet! I set up the materials in stations around the room so kids could just move around on their own pace.

Before I just let them off to wildly explore the size of my foot, we discussed our "Top Tips for Measuring" 

Yo can download these posters for FREE from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

As I moved around the room, I pointed out students who were remembering our top tips for measuring. This strategy is great for redirecting students to ensure they are completing the task correctly. If the Joe across the room was leaving gaps when measuring with the counters and I pointed out that Lucy was doing a fabulous job making sure each counter was touching and leaving no gaps, Joe will (hopefully and quickly) correct his work to ensure he was leaving no gaps! Oh the power of positivity! 

When all my wonderful kids had completed their measuring of my foot we came back together to share our results! Ahhh we had loads of different answers for the same unit of measure!! WOW, what rich discussion! Using the top tips for measuring, we had a class discussion about some of the reasons why they recorded different measurements. 

I then directed the conversation to the question at the bottom of the recording sheet -"Did it take the same amount of each item to measure my foot? Why or why not?" Now this was a hit or miss kinda question! Some of my kids looked at me like I had three heads, however a couple were straight onto it which was great!! We then compared the size of the unifix block and the teddies, and the counters and the paper clips, and the teddies and paper clips and so on!

Leave me a comment about your favourite measurement activities! 


11 April 2017

Slime! Messy Play Fun!

Who doesn't love messy play?! 
I love it and my kids beg for it! 
There are so many opportunities for learning when you incorporate messy play into your classroom curriculum! 
In this blog post I am going to share my experiences with making slime in the classroom for messy play. 
I decided to make slime with my class as part of St Patrick's Day celebrations. We are a Catholic Primary School, so we had learnt a lot about who St Patrick was and why he is special, so the slime was a fun activity! 
We started by listing our ingredients and equipment on the board. This was a great way to introduce procedural texts and we had a great discussion about recipes and what we need to know to make something.

I made the slime in a really large container, because I wanted to use it for messy play so we needed loads of room! 

Making slime is the easiest thing in the world and thanks to Sarah-Jane at the Polka Dot Apple I was even able to add a little spin to one we made! 
All you need is cornflour, food dye, water AND fabric softener. We used greed food dye colour and green apple fabric softener! How much of each thing you need depends on how much slime you want to make! I used four packets of cornflour so we made loads of slime! 
I added the cornflour to container and let the kids feel it. Cornflour has a unique feel to it. Next I added the fabric softener, I used a small tube from the supermarket. I then added a little water with the food dye mixed in. BUT only add a little of the water at a time, you can always add more water, you can't take back the water! 
We were sitting in a circle and all had a go at stirring the mixture! The kids loved this, remember it's only powerful learning if they are involved!

After it had all been mixed up the messy play could begin! I had some cooking props I was going to add, however we didn't end up needing them! The kids just loved running their hands through the slime, letting it drip back down and squishing it in their hands! Added bonus was the amazing smell that was flowing through the room thanks to the fabric softener!!

If you are thinking of doing messy play in your classroom, just remember that it is messy - so protect your clothes and the floor!!

And of course after we finished we did some writing about how much it is to play with slime!

Leave me a comment if you do messy play in your classroom!