Autumn Love

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22 April 2016

Autumn Love

Hello my Blogging friends,

I love Autumn!

Melbourne in Autumn is wonderful! We have warm days, however you can still feel the cold of Winter approaching. The leaves turn the most memorising colours and then they fall to the ground and I get immense joy from hearing the 'crunch' under my feet!

I decided to bring Autumn inside my classroom with the help of a sensory/theme table. This year I have dabbled in the area of sensory table after reading Differentiated Kindergarten's blog post about the importance of sensory tables in the classroom. And so far I have seen the benefits in my classroom!
My theme table consisted of Autumn topic words from Sparkle Box. 

The sensory element of the table was the leaves, twigs, wood pieces and clay- all from Zart Art. Students enjoyed stacking the wood pieces, feeling the leaves and playing with the clay.

Also available on the table is 'ABC Lowercase/Uppercase Apples' printables from The Moffatt Girls as part of their Fall Kindergarten Bundle! (I absolutely love anything made by The Moffatt Girls!!)

I also put some blank white paper for students to write the Autumn topic words, or to do drawings of the leaves.

As well as the Autumn table, we also painted a Autumn painting and used leaves we collected from outside to stick on top of our picture. We discussed the colours, shapes and texture of the different leaves.

I took inspiration from The Moffatt Girls and students completed a 'Build a Sentence' about leaves falling from the trees.

So there you have it- Autumn in Foundation T!

Much love,

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