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30 May 2016

Rainbow Day

Hello Blogging Friends, 

Rainbow Day! Rainbow Day! I love Rainbow Day!

So. Much. Fun! 

As part of our Weather Inquiry unit, we had a Rainbow Day Funday Friday and it was amazing! 

We have been learning about rainbows all week through our English block in the first two hours each morning, and also in our Inquiry hour later in the day. We have discovered how rainbows are formed and why you can never catch a rainbow. We also explored each of the colours of the rainbow through poem and pictures. We read so many fabulous Rainbow books, for example Esther's Rainbow written by Kim Kane. Esther discovers the colours of the rainbow in everyday experiences, a beautiful picture storybook. 

We decided to continue the fun by having a Rainbow Day on the Friday where students could come dressed in rainbow coloured clothes, or dressed in their favourite colour in a rainbow. 

The two teachers in my team and I decided to get amongst the fun and came dressed in rainbow coloured tutus! 

We started our day with setting up a "walking rainbow" experiment and making predictions about what is going to happen. We used a freebie from The First Grade Parade to record our observations before, during and after the experiment. 

After a class discussion about the colours we were wearing, the kids completed a drawing of themselves wearing their rainbow clothes. 

We also made a tear-art rainbow, inspired by Kindergarten Smiles. I was thrilled that most of the kids completed this craft on their own, and they turned out so well! 

We read the story "Elmer and The Rainbow" and made a patchwork Elmer. Like the tear-art craft, it was a great fine motor activity. It did take a little bit of time and concentration to cover the whole Elmer, however the majority of the kids persevered :)

At the end of the day each child was given a pair of of star shaped sunglasses to wear out the door to greet their parents!

Rainbow Day was just a magical, wonderfully fun day in the classroom that makes you forget about reports, deadline, assessments and remind you how special the role as a teacher is. 
One of my darlings said to me halfway through the day that Rainbow Day was the best day of his life. Made my heart swell! 

Much love,  

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