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29 May 2016

Weather Food Day

Hello Blogging Friends!

Our Inquiry unit for Term Two is all about weather in our world- Whimsical Weather!
As part of the unit, as a team, we decided to organise a weather day to provide students with an engaging, hands-on and fun day full of authentic learning!
Each teacher had a theme for the day, and groups of twenty kids rotated through each teacher's room. I was fortunate to have "Weather Food" as my theme. The other themes were science experiments, wind craft and filming a weather video.

I decided to do four food activities for the day! 

Before the students went off to make their own food to eat, I conducted a cooking demonstration, complete with chef hat and audience taste tests. The kids loved the theatre behind it!

After the cooking demonstration, students went off and made two of the four choices. 

Rainbow Fruit Skewers 

For our fruit skewers we used green, red and purple grapes, pineapple, raspberries and oranges. The kids threaded their chosen fruit on the skewers. 

Rainbow Toast 

This was super easy and super effective! All you need is five small containers (I used Kmart plastic shot glasses!) filled with milk and food colouring! The colours we used were yellow, green, blue, red and pink. Students simply just painted the milk onto their bread with a paintbrush and then you toast the bread and enjoy!! The kids loved eating the toast with all those colours! 

Cloudy Jelly

Wow! Did the kids love creating this one! All you need is blue jelly and cream. We used the whipped cream that comes in a can and the kids thought it was the best. Not the healthiest of our weather food though... 

Snow Sherbet 

If you love Whiz Fiz then you need to get amongst this! All you need is citric acid, ising sugar and jelly crystals. Just add a little citric acid to half a cup of icing sugar and one tablespoon of jelly crystals and taste the fizzzz! 

It was a big day, as I had four groups of twenty kids move through in four hours, however the enjoyment was all worth it. 
After we had finished all the rotations we all relaxed and watched "A Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" :) 

Much love,

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