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30 July 2016

100 Days of School!

Wow! What a fabulous day we all had! On Friday we celebrated our 100th Dy of School!

The kids and the teachers had a full on, exhausting and  fun filled day! 

This is the room at the start of the day! All set up and ready to go!

We all dressed up as if we were 100 years old, the teachers also joined in. Safe to say the kids looked adorable with their fake beards, pearls, shawls and grey hair!

I also used an app called "AgingBooth" to age us all. The picture of each kids was used as their stimulus for their writing piece (see below). 

This was the backdrop for our photos for the day! Lights are from Kmart!

After the hype of the kids coming in and the million of photos taken, we did settled down to do some actual work. We used Lavina Pop's 100th Day of School Pack 

We wrote about all the things we had learnt about in the last 100 years using the writing prompt from the pack. We also wrote about what we will be doing when we are 100 years old. For Math, we filled in the the blanks on the number chart and played spin to 100! 

Students also had to bring in a collection of 100 items. Pasta, buttons, matchsticks, stickers and hair ties were then used to make a picture! 
Our amazing class parents catered a fish and chips lunch, which the kids loved! (Who doesn't love fish and chips!?) All three Foundation classes came together for the amazing cakes!! 

After counting to 100, we all had a slice to celebrate the occasion. 

In the afternoon we worked in grouped to make a tower using 100 cups.
The kids did an amazing job working together to build some towers and what was named the Great Wall of China! 

We finished off the day with a certificate ceremony. Certificates came from TopTeacher! 

This is how I left the room on Friday night! "Monday Miss Tess'" problem now! 

A fabulous day to celebrate 100 days of Foundation! 

Much love, 

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  1. I love my school. I really miss those golden days in my life which is not exist now. Working at office is now quite boring. Give us more exciting news. Thanks for sharing this.