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15 July 2016

Five for Friday!

A peak at my week with Doodle Bugs Teaching. It was the first week back after our Winter two week holiday! It was a busy week! 
This week we officially rolled out the Seesaw classroom app to communicate with parents. At the moment we are just using it as a class blog with photos, notes and daily messages. However eventually we will be able to share individual work samples and feedback directly to parents. The parents are so excited about knowing more about what is happening in our classroom on a day-to-day basis! Below are some examples of some posts that I have posted to keep parents informed with classroom activities.  

The Five Senses

As part of our Inquiry Unit, we have been learning about the five senses. This week we have focused on the introduction of all the senses, and in the following weeks we will focus on the each sense with loads of hands-on activities! One of the activities was extremely entertaining! After I took a photo of each child, they had to identify and stick on the five senses on the correct place. As you can see the end is result is hilarious!  

Guided Reading Table 

My new guided reading table! I am in LOVE!     A round table really does make a difference! I don't know if I am jinxing it, however this week my guided reading has been a breeze! The kids also think it is wonderful! 

Holiday Recounts 

On Monday, I decided to ease ourselves in to the term by allowing my kids to complete the below template while discussing their holidays. It was a great way to get the kids off the mat so we didn't have six hours of "On the holidays I went.... and I went.... and I went.... and then...."
The template is free in my TPT store! Click on the picture below. 
Over the holidays my kids had a bag to collect their holiday memories in to be used in an art piece at the start of this week. We are starting to get the hang of collaging! My kids did a wonderful job creating their collages and final piece turned out wonderful! After they completed their art piece, they used it as a stimulus for writing their holiday recount. It was a welcome change from a standard holiday recount.


Melbourne = COLD! 

It was freezing this week, yard duty was a struggle! 
Much Love,


  1. I love your guided reading area! It looks so inviting and cozy!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

    1. Thank you Jordan, it's amazing what a difference it has made!

  2. The five senses activity is so cute! I didn't know you could send individual work samples with Seesaw, that sounds amazing!