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10 September 2016

I spy with my little eye... Writing center!

My writing center was getting a little boring! I was bored, the kids were bored. I found that we were doing repetitive closed activities during independent writing where students are able to choose their own writing. 
I have a range of stimulus items such as topic lists, pictures and writing templates. However I was finding that my kids were relying too heavily on writing templates and not exploring writing as writers. 

I needed to add the EXCITEMENT back into independent writing! 

Drum roll please! 

The excitement is real, the engagement is there and my kids loved the new writing stimulus.

The following resources are from Twinkl!

Please note that this is a sponsored post. I was approached by Twinkl to review their products and I have enjoyed exploring and implementing different recourses in my classroom. All comments and views are my own. 

There are a range of "Eye Spy" sheets and different themes. 
Themes include Spring, Transport, Space, At the Zoo, Under the Sea, Dinosaur and Pirate. 

For my needs of my kids I decided to have two types of activities to stimulate independent writing. 
One where they could colour in the sheets and then use that as a base for their writing. The other option is that they use the laminated pages to support their writing! 
Both options are working fabulously in my classroom!

I provide paper and different "Eye Spy" colouring sheets and have them in document trays on the table. Students need to take both the writing paper and the colouring sheet back to their seat to work with. 

The laminated sheets are displayed across the table. At the moment I have the Space, Spring, Pirate themed sheets and the general "Eye Spy" sheet available for the kids to use.

I introduced the 'Eye Spy' sheets by having displayed on the wall of our classroom, this encouraged discussion amongst the students. After a week of having them up on the wall and triggering students interest I introduced the two options to our writing center. 

I don't like having loads of options in our writing center at a time. (Our activities or stimulus resources are more on a rotation.)

What I LOVED about this writing center activity is that it sparked a range of writing topics. Some students wrote a story using the theme pages, others wrote an "Eye Spy" directions page (Find an aeroplane, find a flower etc.). I also had students write an exposition piece about what the liked and what they didn't like, as well writing descriptions about all the things they could fine. 

Lots of love,


  1. Great review! I've also had some stale learning centres, this is an excellent idea. I hadn't seen this resource either so thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Beck for your comment! It is still going strong!
      I LOVED reading about your experiences with Twinkl! :)
      Tess x
      Miss Tess' Classroom