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22 March 2017

Learning About Feelings!

Hello Blogging Friends, 

This week we have been learning all about different emotions and feelings. It has been really insightful and I have been learning even more about my wonderful kids! We have been sharing about what makes us happy, sad, excited, silly, scared, worried and every other emotion under the sun! 

One of the activities we did was make a super cute "My Feelings Book!" This activity is available in my TPT store! (Click on the photo below to purchase your copy!)

We first discussed the word wall cards and added them to our class word wall. We then discussed what makes us feel each emotion - this was done over a few sessions and I added them to our brainstorm posters. 

Using the word wall words, my kids finished the sentence "I feel ... " with an chosen feeling and then drew a picture of what makes them feel that chosen emotion. For example- "I feel happy" and then a picture of me at the beach with my family. See some more examples below! There are four pages that students can complete choosing a different feeling each time. 

Students then coloured in the front cover which included boys and girls displaying different emotions - these matched our word wall word pictures! The clipart used is from Whimsy Clips. 

When we had finished our books we shared them with a friend, I encouraged my kids to explain to their friend what was happening in the picture. 
My kids also took their book home to share with their family!

My kids absolutely loved doing this activity and really enjoyed sharing them with their friend and family!


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