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11 April 2017

Slime! Messy Play Fun!

Who doesn't love messy play?! 
I love it and my kids beg for it! 
There are so many opportunities for learning when you incorporate messy play into your classroom curriculum! 
In this blog post I am going to share my experiences with making slime in the classroom for messy play. 
I decided to make slime with my class as part of St Patrick's Day celebrations. We are a Catholic Primary School, so we had learnt a lot about who St Patrick was and why he is special, so the slime was a fun activity! 
We started by listing our ingredients and equipment on the board. This was a great way to introduce procedural texts and we had a great discussion about recipes and what we need to know to make something.

I made the slime in a really large container, because I wanted to use it for messy play so we needed loads of room! 

Making slime is the easiest thing in the world and thanks to Sarah-Jane at the Polka Dot Apple I was even able to add a little spin to one we made! 
All you need is cornflour, food dye, water AND fabric softener. We used greed food dye colour and green apple fabric softener! How much of each thing you need depends on how much slime you want to make! I used four packets of cornflour so we made loads of slime! 
I added the cornflour to container and let the kids feel it. Cornflour has a unique feel to it. Next I added the fabric softener, I used a small tube from the supermarket. I then added a little water with the food dye mixed in. BUT only add a little of the water at a time, you can always add more water, you can't take back the water! 
We were sitting in a circle and all had a go at stirring the mixture! The kids loved this, remember it's only powerful learning if they are involved!

After it had all been mixed up the messy play could begin! I had some cooking props I was going to add, however we didn't end up needing them! The kids just loved running their hands through the slime, letting it drip back down and squishing it in their hands! Added bonus was the amazing smell that was flowing through the room thanks to the fabric softener!!

If you are thinking of doing messy play in your classroom, just remember that it is messy - so protect your clothes and the floor!!

And of course after we finished we did some writing about how much it is to play with slime!

Leave me a comment if you do messy play in your classroom!



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