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5 July 2017

Measure Your Teacher's Foot!

Measurement is just so much fun in a Foundation (Kindergarten) classroom! It is hands-on, engaging and full of cross curriculum links! I wanted to share how I introduce the unit in my classroom!

Yes, you will get loads of comments about how stinky your foot is, how big your foot is and maybe even a comment about the shape your toes!! 
I gave each of my kids an outline of my foot (not really my foot, but hey they don't really need to know that! You can download the foot I used from HERE). Students then used different materials- unifix blocks, paper clips, counters, teddies, crayons and anything else they could find to measure my foot. I also asked them to record a measurement on their recording sheet! I set up the materials in stations around the room so kids could just move around on their own pace.

Before I just let them off to wildly explore the size of my foot, we discussed our "Top Tips for Measuring" 

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As I moved around the room, I pointed out students who were remembering our top tips for measuring. This strategy is great for redirecting students to ensure they are completing the task correctly. If the Joe across the room was leaving gaps when measuring with the counters and I pointed out that Lucy was doing a fabulous job making sure each counter was touching and leaving no gaps, Joe will (hopefully and quickly) correct his work to ensure he was leaving no gaps! Oh the power of positivity! 

When all my wonderful kids had completed their measuring of my foot we came back together to share our results! Ahhh we had loads of different answers for the same unit of measure!! WOW, what rich discussion! Using the top tips for measuring, we had a class discussion about some of the reasons why they recorded different measurements. 

I then directed the conversation to the question at the bottom of the recording sheet -"Did it take the same amount of each item to measure my foot? Why or why not?" Now this was a hit or miss kinda question! Some of my kids looked at me like I had three heads, however a couple were straight onto it which was great!! We then compared the size of the unifix block and the teddies, and the counters and the paper clips, and the teddies and paper clips and so on!

Leave me a comment about your favourite measurement activities! 


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