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15 August 2017

Escape To Everywhere - Book Week 2017

Hello my Teaching Friends,

If you are like me and just started planning for Book Week - well I have your back! I have been home sick this week and in true teacher spirit, I couldn't just sit around doing nothing - hello resource making in bed!! 

This years theme for CBCA Book Week is 'Escape To Everywhere' which is such beautiful theme. There is noting better than being sucked into a different time, world or even dimension when reading a good book. Books can provide us with an alternative perspective, giving teachers a powerful tool for spreading kindness in their classrooms and therefore school environment. 

At my school this year, we are fortunate to have Serena Geddes and Shaun Tan visit our school. I think I am more excited than the kids!

Photo from The Children's Book Council of Australia website. 


To compliment the other Book Week events we have throughout the week I have made some resources that I can use in the classroom to make sure my kids are having the full Book Week experience! Hopefully you can find something in the following printables that you can use in your classroom!

Just click on the below images to download! 

The following document has been updated with the correct spelling of 'favourite' 

My favourite part of Book Week is dressing up for the Book Week parade - leave me a comment with your best dress up ideas!!

Hope you enjoy your Book Week!

Happy Reading,


  1. I don't like to be a party pooper but the word favourite is misspelt on second page I think. The page with Buddy Talk on it. Thanks.

    1. It's okay Kim, you are not a party pooper!! I have fixed the mistake, please download again by clicking on the picture above for the corrected version. I really appreciate you leaving a comment to let me know!! :) Hope you have a wonderful Book Week!

  2. My stage are dressing up as Harry Potter this year. It fits as it's the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter.

    1. Hi Karen,
      What an excellent idea! Hope you have a fabulous Book Week!
      Tess :)

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