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11 August 2017

Hanging Out The Washing!

Fine motor and number sequence practice = hello, washing line! 
Your kids will forever be asking you to bring out this activity!

What I love most about this resource, is that there are sooooo many ways to implement in in your classroom! I have used it for whole class warm up, small group instruction and Math group/centre activity!

We made a little washing line to be used to peg the number cards in the correct order. We don't also start at the number 1. Sometime I give a group a range of cards to put in order, other times I peg some of the numbers on the line and have my kids find the missing numbers (before and after).

The cut and paste activities are a great way to differentiate between the class. When I add the activity to our Math group/centre rotation, I change the number range based on the groups ability!
The number range for the cut and paste sheets are:

You can purchase this resource in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 

Please tag me in if you post a photo of your kids having a ball hanging out the washing - I love (and amazes me) to see my resources in other classrooms!


*Some images used in this blog post have come from the classroom of Deana from @deanasclassroom - find her on Instagram! 

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