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20 August 2017

How to Make a Quick Paper Plate Clock!

Hi Friends, 

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This Term we have been learning about Time. We have explored concepts such as days of the week, morning, afternoon and evening and things that take a long or short time. 

We are now moving into looking at formal time and to tune us in, we made a quick and easy paper plate clock! We will be using our clocks for time activities in the following weeks. 

I thought I would share this simple and easy craft that you can easily make in your classroom! All you need for is the template, coloured paper, paper plates and split pins!  

To download the template for the numbers and clock hands click here!

My suggestion is that you photocopy the template pages on to colour paper - no one likes a boring clock! 

Have your students cut out all the numbers and clock hands first. Then instruct your students to paste the 12, 6, 3 and 9 on first. This way you can ensure that the spacing will be correct. When these 4 numbers are in place students can arrange the remaining numbers in-between. 

When all the numbers are in the correct position, your students can decorate their clock. Split pins are a little tricky on the best of days, so I suggest that an adult assists when putting the split pin in. Using a split pin for the clock hands means that the hands can be moved to show different times. 

The finished product may look like this, or it may have the number up the right way! As long as the numbers are in the right place, it can be used for learning activities! I like to ask my kids to show me different times on their clock and then relate that time to an event in the day. Leave me a comment with how you used your paper plate clock in your classroom!

I hope you enjoy making clocks in your classroom and remember to sign up to receive updates so you don't miss anything! 

Have a wonderful week, 

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