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5 August 2017

Student Teacher Goodbye and Thank You Gift

Hi Teaching Friends, 

Recently my kids and I were fortunate to have a wonderful student teacher, Miss Kayla, join our class for 3 weeks. Kayla worked really, really hard over the three weeks and I felt privileged to be part of her teaching journey!

My beautiful kids loved the fun, engaging and jam packed lessons she implemented, so it was sad for all of us having to say goodbye! 

I wanted to share part of her farewell gift with you. My teaching heart was so full when I read each of the pages my kids had made for a very special 'Thank you and Goodbye' book. 

Each child was given an opportunity to write and draw about how wonderful Miss Kayla is. I sent the pages home to be completed, meaning families could also be involved in this special project. I laminated each page, made a front cover with our class picture and bound all the pages together! 

*Inspiration from this page came from countless research on Pinterest.

You can download the template for the student pages and front cover by clicking on the picture! 

I also decided to make an It's Worth It Box to place the book inside. This beautiful idea is from Christiana over at Miss DeCarbo. You find your own copy from her blog - HERE!

Thanks for stopping by, 

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