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My Classroom

My Classroom is truly my sanctuary. I have tried to create a space where learning can flourish, as well be enjoyable for both myself and my students. My classroom is always changing, mainly because I keep buying more resources and storage solutions! As the classroom space changes, so does the limit of learning that can occur! To me, that is super exciting! 

My classroom has always been the blue classroom, which was fate because that's my favourite colour. 

This is the layout for the start of Term Two (April). I am sure it will not stay this way for long! 

This Term I have introduced a Writing Centre which I am super excited about, especially when I overhear student conversations about what they are going to write about! Yay! 

My Reading Corner is noting special, however it is used and I have two students this year that just migrate there every chance they get! 

The tent is a favourite and has many purposes- calm down, quiet time, play time and individual reading, plus more. I even had a student take a nap in there last year! 

My desk- it doesn't usually look like this.... 

Next holidays (or sooner) I would like to make a Guided Reading table to add to the room!! 

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